the definition of video game graphics since the 1970s

pixel art

a world of pixels

video games from the early 90s are my source of inspiration

"i want to create worlds. i want to create stories. it all starts with a visual representation"


my personal pick

p.p.p.b.f.f.w.y.c.p.v.c – title screen

"pew pew protect buildings for freedom with you cannon power v"

2019, Aseprite, EDG32, 128 x 128

lukez1lla's twitch offline banner

"luke is chilling around in his arcade playing static screen. the most sophisticated piece i've ever made."

2018, Aseprite, millions of colors

desperate single woman in her late twenties

"it is a caricature"

2019, Aseprite, 255 colors, 200 x 200

kuuro3's twitch offline banner

"this is extraordinary different from what I usually do."

2018, Aseprite, tons of colors

submarine gbc game (title is a wip)

"the game mockup is always the easiest part of the week of gameboy ii series"

2020, Aseprite, EDG32, 128 x 128

old town meet up at the arcade

"my banner on twitter"

2019, Aseprite, EDG32


2019, Aseprite, Softmilk32, 54 x 54

milk the cows remake

"when i finally decided to remake the game i knew it was a good decision"

2020, Pixel Studio/Aseprite, Lospec500, 160 x 144


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