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about the game

Dairy Dave is an Endless Runner that plays like a 2D Jump’n’Run.
Your goal is to collect as much milk as possible while avoiding obstacles.

I am happy to release the game for 100% free and without ads. My goal is to make ethical decisions that don’t exploit others for cash.

Ads are annoying and promote mostly unethical content themselves.
That is why I want to keep my games clean

Dairy Dave took a lot of hard work, and I truly hope you appreciate it by having fun with it!

If you enjoy playing the game and you would like to support my work, you can do so by clicking on the shiny donate button for a PayPal donation or the coffee mug button to donate me via ko-fi.

Thank you, and happy gaming 😉

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i hope you enjoy playing dairy dave for free

Unfortunately saving the high score is currently not possible in the web version
Another drawback with the web version is that frame-rate drops can interrupt the music.
If the music sounds unbearable to listen to you can turn it off in the settings.
Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera work better than Safari.

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dairy dave is available on many platforms

art challenge

draw this in your style: the dairy dave cover artwork

by al.wo.re

by pyro_qh

by jin93101

Thank you for participating!

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