Dairy Dave — Privacy Policy


This privacy policy governs the details of the game Dairy Dave.
You will find the website’s privacy policy here.

Dairy Dave collects data and saves it in the website’s database for only one reason:
To let you participate in the high score and compete with other players.
By leaving the name empty this data will only be stored on your device.

Personal information is neither required nor is it stored anywhere.

Neither I nor anybody else is able to identify you by looking into the database.
If you choose to not participate in the online high score, your data stays on your device.

Your username

In order for you to participate in Dairy Dave’s high score ranking you have to insert a custom username.
The username can only contain seven letters.
It may only contain letters and numbers. Spaces and symbols won’t be accepted by the app.

Inserting slurs will make your name appear censored in the high score. 
Please keep your name child friendly.

Your username is listed in the settings panel where you are also able to change it at any time.
This will replace your current username with the new one.

Why is data being collected?

As mentioned above your username including some game stats (view list below) will be stored on a database in order to let you participate in the high score ranking accessible to everyone who plays the game independent of their platform.

For analytic purposes, I collect your platform name. In the database it is being saved like this: “iOS” or “Android”. I originally wanted to implement this in the high score as well, but there is no space left 🤷‍♂️ 


What data is being collected?

The following data is being stored on my website’s database:

When is data being collected?

Requirements for the initial data connection:

Data is being sent and stored automatically. This happens when:

Third parties and data sharing

You data that I collect in Dairy Dave is not being shared with anyone.
However, since the game is hosted on different platforms, consider reading their privacy policies for your information and protection:

Links to other sites

Dairy Dave is 100% free which includes no annoying ads.
Thus the only outgoing links are the ones leading to my homepage which I take full responsibility for.

Marketing communication

I don’t have access to who downloads and uses the game Dairy Dave.
Thus I am not able to start a communication with any player using this app. 


Children's privacy policy

I do not knowingly and willingly collect any personal data from children under the age of 18.