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marcel sydow black and white 2018

I am from Germany and work as a full-time freelance artist.
I create pixel art, animations, music, and video games.
On the side, I develop small website projects for clients (if necessary;)).

I grew up playing MS-DOS games which made me dream about designing my own games.
After I’ve been working as a cashier, a carpenter,
a postman, and a musician,
I finally started to take my first steps in the right direction and learned how to code in 2015.

In 2018 I’ve got my first frontend web developer job and started to dedicate my spare time to art.

Until this day I give my best to become a better artist and to create things that I like myself.

Thank you for your support.

– Marcel Sydow –

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i like to expand my knowledge and learn more about art

z-type from gta 2 design

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island loading screen

digital painting

killdozer dawg

3d modeling

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