Dairy Dave Easter Update Banner

Easter Update for Dairy Dave is out!

In case you have missed it 😉

I uploaded the update on all platforms. It’s funny how I thought I could do those update really fast!

The biggest challenge was to create the songs. First of all: What does Easter music even sound like? I was thinking of movies like Bambi and games like Toon Struck. It should sound “jolly” and classical. For some reason I was also inspired by the “buy mode music” from The Sims 1 (Hence the pizzicato strings). It was a lot of fun to create it! I didn’t expect to be really capable of coming up with fitting music, and even had my doubts. But, as always, I just do it anyway 😉 

Haven’t you been wishing for a clock in the pause menu? Your wish came true! Now you can check the time in the game! Isn’t that truly amazing? 

A new theme switcher let’s you take control of the background’s visual appearance, Dave’s costume and the music you listen to in the game.

But wait! There is more:
Controller Support! Even on your phone! It works in-game only, meaning that you cannot control the menu or anything else than jumping, left, right, pause and unpause. I want to expand it more so that you can control the whole game solely with a controller. You know… Some day^^

Any new plans already?

YES! People on Steam asking for a lot. For example achievements, trading cards, a fullscreen mode, translations (so far Spanish) and being able to customize controls.

Fullscreen Mode: The problem with playing Dairy Dave on fullscreen is the resolution. It’s too damn small. You can maximize the window already, but you really have to sit far away from the screen to enjoy the game.
My solution: The game goes in fullscreen mode but the actual game window will keep a certain maximum width and height. Like this:

I want the user to be able to switch to full-fullscreen if they like to. I am working on it already since it feels like the biggest minus for PC gamers.

At this point I realize that I don’t want to make any further promises! After all the game is 100% free, donations only. And I am working on the next big game already 😉

Stay tuned and see you soon!