major update coming for dairy dave and steam release!

seasonal themes

I love having different seasons in games like Terraria. It sets a special tone, gives the player some variety, and keeps the game fresh. I went through all the necessary changes in my head while practicing drums (I know, this is not very “mindful”^^). Turns out that it is actually not that much work! Maybe two to three days per theme.  

what changes to expect

I will start by creating an Easter theme! Because it is right around the corner. Here is a list of what the next update will definitely contain:

The next two weeks may be a little busy with work but I hope to get it all done before the game is out on Steam! Which is only a week! 😱

dairy dave on steam

Yes, Dairy Dave will finally be playable on Steam! From 03/20/21 You will be able to hit the high score on your computer 😉 

that's it for now

I will write more about the upcoming game I am working on as soon as the mockup is done. I wish you all a great weekend!