dairy dave cover art with title β€” pixel artwork by mistertabasco (marcel sydow)

dairy dave is out now!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is finally done!Β 
If you read this, this may not be news to you anymore, because there should be no way around this post without stumbling upon the link to the game. But just in case…

And have you seen the trailer yet? No problem, here you go:

Now I would like to tell you a little about the following topics around Dairy Dave:

how long did it take me to finish the game?

According to this post, I started in early April.
As you might know, the game is a remake of my first game (play here, desktop only!), which I created in 2017 with Phaser 2D. I honestly have to say, that my first game’s existence did not really help to develop the game faster. It was just that the idea already existed πŸ˜‰

I worked on and off on the game. Due to two major commissions in July and from October until the end of December, I took some bigger breaks. In total, I think I spent seven months working on it. Including some weeks wasted on trying to get ads to run until I followed my guts telling me, I don’t want no stinking ads in my game πŸ˜€

which tools did i use?


I am proud to say that I used Godot. WITH PRIDE! And I loved every minute of it. It felt like the perfect engine for my game. I will continue to use it for sure! By the time I published my game, Godot version 3.2.3 was out. For Android I exported it with this version. However, for iOS and HTML5 I used 3.2.2 due to big sound delays on both platforms. On iOS in particular, the touch buttons were delayed and the game became unplayable! I wonder if they will fix this soon.


For the pixel art I mainly used Aseprite,Β and especially in the beginning Pixel StudioΒ on iPad. I don’t have much to say about Aseprite, other than it is the best pixel art software I have ever used! For the whole game I used the Lospec 500 color palette. I wish there was more to say, since drawing and animating everything is my favourite part of the work πŸ™‚


The music and sound effects were both made with Bitwig, a great DAW with many built-in features and plugins I love to use. Since the last commission for Ghostemane, I decided to boost authenticity with the Super Audio Cart Plugin. It contains recorded sounds from Gameboy, NES, Atari, etc. sound chips and more low resolution samples inspired by SNES and Sega Mastersystem. I can totally recommend it! I honestly did not pay a lot of attention to the mixing/mastering process. Creating the music for this game was fun!

The sound effects are made of simple waves that I know from old MSDOS games. Mostly square waves. The Gameboy square waves sound so much cooler than what I used to create by hand!

how much did I spend on the game?

Yes, I actually had to pay some fees for the game. At the time I am writing this, the game is not out on Steam yet. But the fees are paid! So…

Steam: 100$
Apple: 99$
Google: 25$
Cow sounds: 50$
Oatmeal: approximately 1,500$

FYI: The fees on Steam must be paid per game.
The fees for Google are a one time payment.
Apple collects their fees per year.
The cow sounds were bought from audiomicro.com. The sounds’ “creator” is called Hollywood Edge. Why did I buy those cow sounds? They appear in many games like Baldur’s Gate, Metal Gear IV and Black & White. Especially the latter made me want to use those sounds badly!Β I love good quality sound effects πŸ™‚

how is it going?

At the time I am writing this post, the game is out for four days. So far I can say, that…


If you are game dev, or you have any other open project that you would love to finish:
I can wholeheartedly recommend you to finish your project!!!Β It is the best feeling ever. Listen to this guy:

what's still left to?

Find new players!

Now this is an interesting question. After hitting a small peak of downloads, plays and praises of my game on Saturday (mostly thanks to reddit), I need to keep finding new players! Yes. the game is out, but the journey is not over yet!Β 
I want to keep posting it on subreddits like r/indiegames and similar ones. A few people gave me an interesting hint about a youtuber, who is obsessed with milk. This fact plus my game seems like a perfect fit πŸ˜€Β 

Keep the players busy!

This is also very important. However, I have to admit that I don’t plan to update the game with tons of new features. I want to add small updates every now and then, but I have some other plans for the future! A new game, that is supposed to blow everyones minds… (to be continued) πŸ˜€

Fix them darn bugs, man!

YES, they are alive D: Thanks to my awesome crew of beta testers, I was able to fix most bugs prior to the release! But there are still some minor ones left. I will throw in some features in this list as well:

what did you learn from it?

I definitely made one huge mistake: I did not inform my Instagram or Twitter followers enough about my game’s process!Β I think the outcome could have been different, if I had. For example, I didn’t post a single post about it. Only the finished trailer when I was done. I used stories but only 10% of my followers even look at them.Β 

I feel like I may could have left Steam out of the process. But at this time, I cannot tell. I will stick to that now of course. Let’s see what happens!

I heard only good things about Dairy Dave’s controls on mobile! And no negative feedback. This is reassuring for my upcoming game, since I plan to create another cross-platform game. The handling of Godot’s touch controls is superb!Β 

I am probably repeating myself, but Godot is great! I am so grateful for this engine and its community. I will stick to it, even though I had some “Unity plans”. But I will avoid using it as long as I can πŸ˜€Β 

I also learned to keep “80/20” in mind. Like the trailer I made, which took me only two days. Or even some of the sprites. It does not need to look 100% perfect. The overall feel is what counts. Or that I did not even mix nor master the music and sound effects ^^Β 

Most importantly: LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELING. So many people gave advices, and I am glad I didn’t listen to most of them πŸ˜€ I appreciate feedback and actually DO listen to people. But there is a limit. And this is good. Because I have faith.Β 

So stick to what you truly love and be stubborn if you feel like it makes sense! But at the same time keep your ears/eyes/mind open, and don’t be attached to your ideas too much if they don’t!

what's next?

Maintaining Dairy Dave mostly! But there is more. I want to be more engaging with my followers. I often “go into my room and disappear for a couple of days”. This is not good. Also part of the learning process of course πŸ˜‰Β 

As long as I am not too busy working on commissions, I will keep working on my new game! I am very excited about this πŸ™‚ And I want to keep the updates coming on my social media platforms.Β 

More blog posts! I really neglected this idea but it’s fun to write πŸ˜‰Β 

Maybe streaming on Twitch some day. Well, some day… XDΒ 

All right everybody, have a great week and see you soon πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading this post! I would like to remind you that my game is absolutely for free, without ads!Β If you like playing it and would like to support my work, you certainly can by pressing the sparkly button below πŸ™‚ I appreciate every single Euro!Β 

Thank you for playing πŸ™‚