submarine gameboy color game mockup

How “Week Of Gameboy II” is going

let's say i've had a rough time

The first two months of 2020 didn’t work out as planned. I wanted to start fresh and with a good spirit. Instead I got distracted by work related problems and lots of overtime.

Thankfully I am much better now and can focus my project(s). As you might recall I had already some progress. But there was yet another issue: GODOTIt drove me insane. I had unbearable issues with stuttering which highly discouraged me from continuing with this game engine. I checked some alternatives like Game Maker Studio or Unity. Eventually I came back to my senses and just accepted it. “I will figure it out later”. My biggest enemy is (once again) not my employer or any game engine. It is myself.

I totally agree with Shia:

This video is so hilarious XD. BUT YET SO TRUE!!!
So I followed his advice, shut up and continued like nothing ever happened. All my worries were gone! 

ANYWAYS: The first half of the animation is already done. I am thinking about adding some tiny things. Here are some excerpts:

game boy color fake game intro ekranoplan flying

I changed the daytime from noon to dawn

game boy color fake game submarine gameplay

the most fun part 😉

game boy color fake game intro bomb under water

the bomb under is under water, camera is chasing it